Baby blues, post partum depression and anxieties.

Baby blues, post partum depression and anxieties.

I’m not a doctor just a first time mum. I know how common it is to get the baby blues especially the first two- three weeks after delivery, and I believe I had it. Now after almost 8 werks I do feel better, in terms of depression, but motherhood is hard.

Some facts that I’ve read is that your body is full of hormones during pregnancy and on delivery they get released, in simple words your body gets emptied. This sudden change is what may cause baby blues. It’s purely biological so don’t be hard on yourselves if you feel you have the blues.

It’s been 8 weeks since my precious boy came into this world. Right now I cannot say that I feel depressed but I have this anxiety that is annoying the hell out of me. I’m so worried about this little guy that I’m anxious about his well being all the time. Perfectly normal you will say. I agree. I guess I’m just looking forward to his milestones, to see him grow, for him to start communicating with me.

Add to the whole new mum thing the darkness of the ¬†Scandinavia, well it’s not a surprise that I feel like that. Many people get a small dose of depression, let alone anxieties, new mums or not, men or women, during this season.

As I’ve mentioned before I started this blog just to get out my thoughts, to have something to keep my head active and I actually feel good writing about it.

Are you a new mother with similar feelings? Feel free to share them with me.




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