Coffee time – mummy time

Coffee time – mummy time

It’s amazing what a cafe latte and some good company can do to your mood.

During the 8 weeks since I have been a mother this was my second visit to a café.


What happened was that I met a friend yesterday, who I haven’t met for ages, for a coffee and for some catching up. She is a mum of a 2 1/2 years old boy so she has some experience. It was so nice to talk to someone who has been through pretty much the same stuff (even though each baby is unique) and who totally gets me.

Sitting in a coffee place and doing something as simple as enjoying a coffee, which is something I used to do before my baby arrived, reminded me of my old life. But it was also like a wake up call that I don’t have to stop doing what I was doing before. Maybe there is no old and new life, just my same life but enhanced.

Staying at home all day with a baby can affect a mum’s psychology. It has affected mine. And I know that going out is the only remedy. Truth be told you need to plan more when you have a baby before you go out but it’s not impossible.

I know I must kick my own butt, take advantage of the hours when my baby is more calm and go out for a walk, go to the coffee place and just enjoy a coffee there or as take-out while window shopping.

It will do wonders to me … I hope it can do to you as well.



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