And suddenly I’m starting to falling in love with my baby

And suddenly I’m starting to falling in love with my baby

Some mums might feel it instantly, others might need more time.

I loved him from the very first second but it was more of an instinct. I felt like I need to protect him with everything I have and it’s something I will be doing for the rest of my life.

I read that women who had a traumatic labour have increased chances of developing post partum depression. I had a very tough labour but hopefully PPD is not a threat for me. However it has been a tough period but aftet 12 weeks the fog has started to clear out.

I can finally say that I’m falling in love with this amazing little creature.

The best are yet to come.

10 tips on coping with Christmas from the #PNDFamily

10 tips on coping with Christmas from the #PNDFamily

PND and Me

The festive season is an especially tough time of year when you suffer with a mental illness. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes trigger thoughts and feelings. As #PNDHour is about coping with the festive season today (9/12) I thought I’d share some tip straight from those who’ve experienced mental illness over the festive period.

I hope they help you to see that you are not alone and that it is ok to put  yourself first!

Rosey xx

  1. “Not too much caffeine or alcohol, neither are great for anxiety or stress!”

A great tip here, it can be tempting to overindulge but these two drinks aren’t good for anxiety or stress. It’s all about balance, enjoy yourself but be mindful of what could heighten anxiety/stress levels.

2.Try not to set yourself high expectations. Try to focus on enjoying the moment without trying to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas…

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Becoming a mum is like entering a new dimension

Becoming a mum is like entering a new dimension

Having a child is a life changing event. You love this little creature with all your heart but especially in the first weeks it’s all about survival.

No one prepared me for that. Maybe not all women experience what I have but from what I have been reading online I definitely am not alone in this.

Luckily I don’t have post partum depression (or so I think, so far at least) but I do suffer from anxieties occasionally.

The best way to describe what I’m feeling is as if I have entered a different dimension. Are you a sci-fi TV series person? Have you watched Fringe? Remember when Olivia entered into a parallel dimension of her own reality? That’s exactly how I feel.

My son is 2 1/2 months old and he is the light of my life. But life so far is indeed exhausting.

I have been lucky having my mum visiting and staying with us for almost a month which has been a huge help.

I cannot point this out enough, if anyone is offering help, being your mum, your MIL, any relative or friend take it. Don’t feel any guilt. Your baby loves you and you need to rest and relax even if it’s for a sort period of time.

Now excuse me while I’m entering my alternative dimension.

The power of grandmothers

The power of grandmothers

My mum has come to visit us to meet her grandson. I was nervous before she arrived because I know she can be too much sometimes. She always means well but she can be too hyper and overwhelming at times so I was unsure how it would be with her around here.

Well, I’m relieved and happy to say that she has been a great help and I actually feel relaxed and rested. So much that we decided to keep here for two more weeks. She was supposed to fly back this coming Saturday but we surprised her with a new ticket. She gets to spend Christmas with us and also to meet my boyfriend’s family. I hope we won’t regret it, hehe, but something tells me we won’t.

The thing is that she adapts to our pace when she is here. My boyfriend and I are very calm and the environment here in Sweden is very quiet and relaxing which apparently it affects her as well.

Fingers crossed that it will stay that way.