The power of grandmothers

The power of grandmothers

My mum has come to visit us to meet her grandson. I was nervous before she arrived because I know she can be too much sometimes. She always means well but she can be too hyper and overwhelming at times so I was unsure how it would be with her around here.

Well, I’m relieved and happy to say that she has been a great help and I actually feel relaxed and rested. So much that we decided to keep here for two more weeks. She was supposed to fly back this coming Saturday but we surprised her with a new ticket. She gets to spend Christmas with us and also to meet my boyfriend’s family. I hope we won’t regret it, hehe, but something tells me we won’t.

The thing is that she adapts to our pace when she is here. My boyfriend and I are very calm and the environment here in Sweden is very quiet and relaxing which apparently it affects her as well.

Fingers crossed that it will stay that way.



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