Yay it’s the weekend. Oh wait, you’re a mum …or does it really matter?

Yay it’s the weekend. Oh wait, you’re a mum …or does it really matter?

Friday evening. Oh that sweet sweet relaxation feeling that comes from the knowledge that tomorrow morning you don’t need to wake up early because it’s Saturday.

Friday evening. The best day of the week to enjoy a glass of wine or your alcoholic beverage of choice. It’s not that you can’t drink on any other day, it’s just that on a Friday everything tastes way better.

And then suddenly you become a parent.

Friday evening. Just another day of the week. You will be waking up a couple of times during night (if you are lucky) to feed your baby and you will be waking up the exact same time as every other day because your precious little one doesn’t know the meaning of a weekend yet. And it won’t. Not until it becomes a teen.

But personally it’s not that bad. I read an article online (sorry I can’t seem to find it, I will edit and add the link once I do) that says why weekends are actually good even if you are a parent. And by parent I mean mum (at least in my case) and I couldn’t have agreed more with this article.


For starters daddy is around. That means that the mum can enjoy a coffee/a shower/or just peeing in piece while daddy has the baby.

Daddy helps with the household giving mum a break. If he doesn’t, take a frying pan and hit him in the head to come around.

It’s a great time for family quality time, whether that’s hanging around in the house playing with the baby or going out for a stroll.

Or in this morning’s case, daddy takes baby for a stroll to spend some nice father-son time and mummy gets to enjoy a nice and quiet morning blogging and browsing techy things.

I’m a geek, a nerd if you like, and I love reading technology articles, blogs about gadgets and listening to tech related podcasts.

I miss doing that on a regular basis but it’s nice getting a chance to do it even once in a while.

The upside of this is that I got a wonderful boy, which is the joy of my life and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. So he can keep me sleepless and tired as much as he wants and he can deprive me of my tech podcasts. He has every right in the world to do that and I want him to.

Now off I go to finish my delicious latte.


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