This mum here mopped the floor with shampoo

This mum here mopped the floor with shampoo

And no I did not make a mistake. It was a very conscious decision.

Was I sleep deprived? Oh yes, always.

Do I know some sort of weird tip regarding shampoo and floor mopping? Nope. The only reason why I did it is because the bottle of shampoo was closer to me than the floor product. Simple as that.

I don’t have much time to spend nowadays so if I need to clean the floors, whatever soap  related product (which is safe to use) is closer to me, wins!

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Today is one f*ed up day

Today is one f*ed up day

As I was hoping that my horrible neck ache that started last Thursday was fading away, it decided to greet me again this morning.

Great! Yet another day of half my upper body immobilised.

And my son, for some reason that I haven’t discovered yet (boredom maybe), is very fussy and he is crying which is not like him at all. Well, unless it’s food time but that’s expected.


Hubby is amazing with him and he jumps right into his parental duties when he is home … but right now he is not.

It’s the first time in 5 months that I’m feeling like I’m reaching my limits. And it’s not because of my adorable little boy. It’s my damn neck and shoulder. Cause if I was fine I would have taken him outside and he would be a calmer, happier and content.

Umph… Tomorrow maybe.

Mums do not have the luxury of getting sick

Mums do not have the luxury of getting sick


SHIT. What a week.

Monday started ok. Monday evening I started sneezing like a mofo. I was thinking to myself wtf, is it allergy season already (yeah, right this is Sweden and it’s snowing outside so no).

Tuesday I got signs of a light cold. NICE. Not.

Wednesday I was sick with a cold. Ok not anything serious and not fever luckily but enough to piss me off.

Thursday I wake up and I can’t move. Shit shit. My neck and my right shoulder hurt so much that I can’t even breath. How am I going to lift my baby and take care of him? “Nice sleeping position you idiot” I think to myself. I go and take a hot shower hoping it will soften up my stiff muscles. It helped a bit but not enough. I was almost crying. I said hubby to come home cause I’m dying. He did.  Ok great so now at least my son will be taken care of while I die slowly from pain.

Friday it was vaccines day. Poor boy got a fever. We knew it was a possibility so we were prepared. My neck was  stiff and I was in pain but LUCKILY weeks ago I had booked a massage appointment. What a fucking nice coincidence and a nice break I got.


I didn’t die and no one really suffered but me. My son is fine and is always been taken care of but I realised that no, not anymore, I do not have the luxury to getting sick or getting immobilized for whatever reason. And it’s not like before the baby that even if I was sick I could crawl in under the blankets and wait until it passes. No. I hate being incapable of moving or taking care my son. It just sucks.

My friends said “Welcome to motherhood” (or parenthood for that matter)
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And this new mum is sick…again

And this new mum is sick…again

It’s the second time (third even?) I get sick within a two months period. Wtf?
I mean I never used to get sick like that so often.
Oh wait… I didn’t have a kid back then. Right.

I don’t leave him to a day care because he is too young but we go to this open kindergarten thing where mums go together with their babies to socialise and do baby activities. It’s fun but I guess it comes with a price.

Sickness. Oh the joy.

It’s just a common cold but it’s still annoying 😦

Oh well. Off I go to make me my third cup of tea.