The story so far…sunny days with a boy and a sick eye

The story so far…sunny days with a boy and a sick eye

Sooo…. My eyes vision is almost back to normal but the virus is still there and the doctor said it will take 6 months or so to fully heal. The good thing is that I feel/see almost 100% like before so that’s something.

Finally some sun! I mean at last Sweden you owed it to us. The past few days have been fantastic so I have been outside almost all day with my little one. Perfect.

Speaking of my little one, he still doesn’t eat solids. I mean that’s cool and everything, he will eat food eventually but it seems so weird. He showed lots of interest a couple of months ago but then nothing. And he is a big baby, chubby and tall and you would think that he eats two portions in each meal. Nope. Just formula and välling, which is a Swedish thing, drinkable oatmeal. That’s it. But since he is growing and developing fine then no worries.

I have bought him a feeder thingy so that he can experiment himself and eat as much as he wants and it kind of works. We’ll see how far it will take us.

How long did it take your babies to start eating solids? Any tricks or tips to share?

*this post was written on my mobile phone so apologies for any errors*


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