Finally this mum can enjoy a descent cup of coffee

Finally this mum can enjoy a descent cup of coffee

I never thought I would manage to see that day. A cool coffee place has opened in our little town. Don’t get me wrong, I have come to really love and appreciate little Värnamo especially after I became a parent. It’s small, compact, convenient, safe, perfect for families. Before that, I liked the quietness (it helped a lot to calm down my nerves after 30 years of living in chaotic Athens) but it was a boring city (maybe still is a bit) with a few coffee places but noone really knew how to make a coffee. I mean why do you have to burn the milk when you are trying to make microfoam? That’s right, this is not microfoam, or not even foam. This is just burned milked.

But finally one of the big franchises has opened here. Now when you hear franchise you immediately doubt the quality. But trust me, it’s nothing like the shitty Starbucks coffee, they actually do make an effort and the coffee is amazing. I have worked as a barista in a local coffee shop years ago, and my employers were (still are) what you call coffee snobs. I’m greateful cause they taught me everything about coffee.

So now that we have a nice modern coffee place in town I cannot hide my enthusiasm. I mean I am actually typing this sitting here enjoying my flat white. #happiness



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