My toddler wakes up so damn early

My toddler wakes up so damn early

Why? Why is life so unfair? I love him to death but his waking up habit is killing me. He has always been an early riser meaning that 5 am is his average time. We tried to change his schedule a bit by putting him to bed later and it worked for a while (waking up at 7 oh the luxury) but then I started working and he started going to daycare. 

Naturally he was so tired from a whole day full of activities and interacting with other kids that we went back to the old habits. Early bed time (around 6pm) early waking up time ( around 5 am). And that’s ok since we wake up early to go to work anyway.

Unfortunately it happens on the weekends as well.

To make it worse recently he has started to wake up even earlier. 4:30!!

What is happening? Is it the daylight? I have made the room as dark as possible. 

(Life in Sweden)

Is he growing up and need less sleep? Maybe. I will call his nurse and she if she has any advice. But I suspect we need to start putting him to bed a bit later. 

Let’s see if that works out.

In the meantime I’ll go make my second coffee for the day at 5:55 am.