Finally this mum can enjoy a descent cup of coffee

Finally this mum can enjoy a descent cup of coffee

I never thought I would manage to see that day. A cool coffee place has opened in our little town. Don’t get me wrong, I have come to really love and appreciate little Värnamo especially after I became a parent. It’s small, compact, convenient, safe, perfect for families. Before that, I liked the quietness (it helped a lot to calm down my nerves after 30 years of living in chaotic Athens) but it was a boring city (maybe still is a bit) with a few coffee places but noone really knew how to make a coffee. I mean why do you have to burn the milk when you are trying to make microfoam? That’s right, this is not microfoam, or not even foam. This is just burned milked.

But finally one of the big franchises has opened here. Now when you hear franchise you immediately doubt the quality. But trust me, it’s nothing like the shitty Starbucks coffee, they actually do make an effort and the coffee is amazing. I have worked as a barista in a local coffee shop years ago, and my employers were (still are) what you call coffee snobs. I’m greateful cause they taught me everything about coffee.

So now that we have a nice modern coffee place in town I cannot hide my enthusiasm. I mean I am actually typing this sitting here enjoying my flat white. #happiness


Why are (exclusively) breastfeeding moms so mean to non-exclusive BF or formula feeding moms?

Why are (exclusively) breastfeeding moms so mean to non-exclusive BF or formula feeding moms?

When I got pregnant  was like “of course I will breastfeed” I mean, why not? It’s cheap, easy and natural.

Boy, was I naive.

Breastfeeding is the best thing for your babies. NO-QUESTION-ABOUT-IT.

And I will support you to the end if you want to breastfeed and I will support your right to the end to breastfeed wherever the fuck you want.

But if you don’t manage to breastfeed or if you simply don’t want to, I will still support you.

As I said, I wanted so badly to breastfeed and I’m sure I have mentioned this here before what a difficult journey that was.

My baby latched instantly. Happiness. It was the best feeling ever and the first time I experienced anything like that. And painful but I could tolerate it.

So even though I was physically destroyed from a long and painful labour, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed instantly and so I’m happy that I did it.

But for reasons that I don’t want to mention here (maybe I will tell you my whole breastfeeding story on a separate one) I had to supplement and after 4 months, sadly, it was over. Not because of supplementing but because I decided to end it.

My biggest complaint in this is the mum wars. Why do some mums have a physical need to judge and shame others? Especially exclusively breastfeeding mums – NOT ALL OF THEM of course – but this is the group that I’ve seen being the most judgmental, inconsiderate and rude towards other mums.

Do you have any idea how much you hurt those who have struggled with breastfeeding and opted for formula as their last resort with your “you haven’t tried enough” comments?

I know I shouldn’t let them get to me but reading how demeaning and cruel and absolute they are in their comments and conclusions I can’t help but feeling sad and hurt. And angry and pissed as hell. Sometimes even inadequate and a failure as a mum.

But no mum should feel like that. You are doing what’s best for your baby and I’m sure it’s been a hard road.

I should listen to my own advice and stop paying attention to these ignorant mums who, for some reason which is beyond me, feel they are superior to the rest of us.

I know in a few months none of this would matter and I will probably look back at my old me and think “ha, how silly I was for letting them affect me”. But I’m not there yet and I just wanted to vent a bit.

Stop listening to anyone else but your own instincts  and be the best mum you can be.

And suddenly I’m starting to falling in love with my baby

And suddenly I’m starting to falling in love with my baby

Some mums might feel it instantly, others might need more time.

I loved him from the very first second but it was more of an instinct. I felt like I need to protect him with everything I have and it’s something I will be doing for the rest of my life.

I read that women who had a traumatic labour have increased chances of developing post partum depression. I had a very tough labour but hopefully PPD is not a threat for me. However it has been a tough period but aftet 12 weeks the fog has started to clear out.

I can finally say that I’m falling in love with this amazing little creature.

The best are yet to come.

The power of grandmothers

The power of grandmothers

My mum has come to visit us to meet her grandson. I was nervous before she arrived because I know she can be too much sometimes. She always means well but she can be too hyper and overwhelming at times so I was unsure how it would be with her around here.

Well, I’m relieved and happy to say that she has been a great help and I actually feel relaxed and rested. So much that we decided to keep here for two more weeks. She was supposed to fly back this coming Saturday but we surprised her with a new ticket. She gets to spend Christmas with us and also to meet my boyfriend’s family. I hope we won’t regret it, hehe, but something tells me we won’t.

The thing is that she adapts to our pace when she is here. My boyfriend and I are very calm and the environment here in Sweden is very quiet and relaxing which apparently it affects her as well.

Fingers crossed that it will stay that way.


Coffee time – mummy time

Coffee time – mummy time

It’s amazing what a cafe latte and some good company can do to your mood.

During the 8 weeks since I have been a mother this was my second visit to a café.


What happened was that I met a friend yesterday, who I haven’t met for ages, for a coffee and for some catching up. She is a mum of a 2 1/2 years old boy so she has some experience. It was so nice to talk to someone who has been through pretty much the same stuff (even though each baby is unique) and who totally gets me.

Sitting in a coffee place and doing something as simple as enjoying a coffee, which is something I used to do before my baby arrived, reminded me of my old life. But it was also like a wake up call that I don’t have to stop doing what I was doing before. Maybe there is no old and new life, just my same life but enhanced.

Staying at home all day with a baby can affect a mum’s psychology. It has affected mine. And I know that going out is the only remedy. Truth be told you need to plan more when you have a baby before you go out but it’s not impossible.

I know I must kick my own butt, take advantage of the hours when my baby is more calm and go out for a walk, go to the coffee place and just enjoy a coffee there or as take-out while window shopping.

It will do wonders to me … I hope it can do to you as well.