This new mum is going to a party tonight

This new mum is going to a party tonight

This is my first party. It’s a birthday party of two of my friends and my boyfriend is going to take care of our son while I’m there.

No he is not going to babysit. He is a dad. He is going to take care of him like every mum or parent is doing.

It might be a bit silly to try and be politically correct about it, but then again it’s not. And there is no doubt that mums are very important for the first year of a baby’s life (of course for their entire life as well) but it’s ok for a dad to let mum have a night out sometimes. So dads do not babysit. Do mums babysit? No. So, neither do dads. Period.

Of course I’m not going to get wasted or anything. I feel already hangover and I’ve been feeling that since the birth of my son. That is almost 5 months ago.  Funny how sleep deprivation, exhaustion and heavy drinking feel the same.

Even the thought of drinking one sip of wine makes me wanna throw up already. But maybe beer is fine I guess.

Well, ok, I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday mums around the world and enjoy your wine 🙂 You deserve it!