Back to gaming

Back to gaming

I have been making baby steps into gaming again. I used to burn hours but now since I’m a (responsible xD ) parent I can’t game as much as I want to, obviously. However I have been making a comeback to my all time favourite Diablo 3, starting a seasonal character.

IMO, it’s the best and easiest choice right now since it’s low paced, even if it’s online I can easily single play it and enjoy the lore and kill monsters while baby is napping and there is no stress whatsoever.

I have even been uploading my gamethrough on Youtube if you like to  go through the lore from the beginning one more time. I started a new seasonal character, a Wizard this time and I must say it’s not boring at all to start from the beginning. Being a parent doesn’t mean we don’t get to do what we used to do before. It’s just that the terms are a bit different nowadays. It’s the baby who decides over your (if any) free time 😀 but it’s ok. Of course it’s ok, it’s MORE than ok.

Anyway here is my latest gamethrough on Diablo3

Oh oh, I have also been scoping Steam’s sales and I bought Crypt of the Necrodancer.

If you haven’t played that already, just go and get it now!