What do (new) mums with babies eat?

What do (new) mums with babies eat?

Whatever they f*ing can!

No time for big dinners, no time for fancy gourmet dishes. Just eat whatever you see in front of you.

Do you see an apple, a banana? Just grab it. Do you see a half eaten sandwich? Eat that away.┬áDo you see nuts? Just grab as much as you can and shove them inside your mouth. Do you see a cold pizza? Don’t be picky just swallow it.

You are hungry. Just put some calories inside your body because you bloody need it.

But ok, seriously, here are some tips for the new and hungry mum.

  1. When you have the time prepare some snacks. Bread, cheese and hum (or anything soya if you are vegan) with some butter or margarine it’s a great snack for when you are on your 3rd nursing hour.
  2. Pasta dishes. They are fast and they give you the energy that you need. If you don’t mind, buy a few ready made tomato sauces. Or a ready made pesto jar. Fast, easy and delicious. Oh and add a few olive oils inside your dish. Yummy.
  3. Buy fruits. Bananas, apples and anything that doesn’t require any weird instrument to eat. Just wash or peel and eat!
  4. It might not be cost effective but you can do it once in a while. Buy ready made pre-cut sallad. I know it gets expensive in the long run but it’s faster and healthy. You need healthy.
  5. Ok ok, buy the candy bars you are craving for. Breastfeeding or just attending to your new born requires lots of energy. Do it. Eat that chocolate. You deserve it.

Well these are pretty much my tips and that’s how I survived the new born days. Not that I’m any better now but I manage to get 30 minutes to prepare a more appropriate dish…occasionally.

Good luck mums and enjoy whatever you can eat.