This mum here mopped the floor with shampoo

This mum here mopped the floor with shampoo

And no I did not make a mistake. It was a very conscious decision.

Was I sleep deprived? Oh yes, always.

Do I know some sort of weird tip regarding shampoo and floor mopping? Nope. The only reason why I did it is because the bottle of shampoo was closer to me than the floor product. Simple as that.

I don’t have much time to spend nowadays so if I need to clean the floors, whatever soap  related product (which is safe to use) is closer to me, wins!

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Today is one f*ed up day

Today is one f*ed up day

As I was hoping that my horrible neck ache that started last Thursday was fading away, it decided to greet me again this morning.

Great! Yet another day of half my upper body immobilised.

And my son, for some reason that I haven’t discovered yet (boredom maybe), is very fussy and he is crying which is not like him at all. Well, unless it’s food time but that’s expected.


Hubby is amazing with him and he jumps right into his parental duties when he is home … but right now he is not.

It’s the first time in 5 months that I’m feeling like I’m reaching my limits. And it’s not because of my adorable little boy. It’s my damn neck and shoulder. Cause if I was fine I would have taken him outside and he would be a calmer, happier and content.

Umph… Tomorrow maybe.

What do (new) mums with babies eat?

What do (new) mums with babies eat?

Whatever they f*ing can!

No time for big dinners, no time for fancy gourmet dishes. Just eat whatever you see in front of you.

Do you see an apple, a banana? Just grab it. Do you see a half eaten sandwich? Eat that away. Do you see nuts? Just grab as much as you can and shove them inside your mouth. Do you see a cold pizza? Don’t be picky just swallow it.

You are hungry. Just put some calories inside your body because you bloody need it.

But ok, seriously, here are some tips for the new and hungry mum.

  1. When you have the time prepare some snacks. Bread, cheese and hum (or anything soya if you are vegan) with some butter or margarine it’s a great snack for when you are on your 3rd nursing hour.
  2. Pasta dishes. They are fast and they give you the energy that you need. If you don’t mind, buy a few ready made tomato sauces. Or a ready made pesto jar. Fast, easy and delicious. Oh and add a few olive oils inside your dish. Yummy.
  3. Buy fruits. Bananas, apples and anything that doesn’t require any weird instrument to eat. Just wash or peel and eat!
  4. It might not be cost effective but you can do it once in a while. Buy ready made pre-cut sallad. I know it gets expensive in the long run but it’s faster and healthy. You need healthy.
  5. Ok ok, buy the candy bars you are craving for. Breastfeeding or just attending to your new born requires lots of energy. Do it. Eat that chocolate. You deserve it.

Well these are pretty much my tips and that’s how I survived the new born days. Not that I’m any better now but I manage to get 30 minutes to prepare a more appropriate dish…occasionally.

Good luck mums and enjoy whatever you can eat.


Why “Sleep when baby sleeps” is the worst advice ever

Why “Sleep when baby sleeps” is the worst advice ever

Sleep is a precious thing and once we become parents it becomes a thing of the past. mother-1499674-1280x1280

The first weeks with a new born are  – to put it mildly – hectic. You get your survival mode on and you just exist.

Yes you should try and sleep as much as possible and if you manage to sleep when baby sleeps then congrats! I honestly believe you are part of the minority here.

I know that everyone who says that means well. But let’s be realistic here so please don’t mention the word sleep or do not try to offer sleep advice to a sleep deprived parent unless you want to be slapped right in the face. I love you all but please stop 🙂

Here’s why it’s an unrealistic advice:

  1. When baby sleep it’s the best time for you to go the toilet and be kind to your kidneys for the a change.
  2. When baby sleeps it’s the best time to eat something. I had no idea that I would be holding my baby almost 24/7. I was so naive to think that a baby will stay calm and relaxed once you put it in its bassinet. Oh stupid ignorant me.
  3. When baby sleeps it’s the best time to do some dishes. I know I know, cleaning the house it’s not a priority during this time but come on. I need at least one plate and one glass to survive.
  4. When baby sleeps it’s the best time to browse the internet. You know do something just for you. Or just watch TV, or read a magazine or newspaper. Or just stare the the ceiling because you fucking  want to.

But then again that magic moment comes where you DO fall asleep when baby is sleeping and you manage to get some rest. Oh sweet sleep I missed you so much. But in my experience sleep when baby sleeps is the exception of the rule.  It’s the only time I get to go to the toilet for n.2 (TMI I know sorry).

So please give us a break. Yes we are not stupid. We know we should take advantage of any break we have but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Oh sweet Nespresso machine, how much I love you.


Introduction to solid foods for babies: Disaster

Introduction to solid foods for babies: Disaster

My dear baby is 4 1/2 months old and here (Sweden) they suggest to start introducing solids as of now. Not as a complete meal but as a way to get them to taste foods, especially vegetables. I personally think it’s too soon but nonetheless I did try to introduce him and this is how it went.

On the blog title I write “Disaster”. You might think that the whole introduction thing went really bad and baby didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

Actually no. The disaster thing goes to the mum. Yup all me.

I consider myself a descent cook but in this household it’s my boyfriend that does all the cooking or …to be fair… 90% of it. He loves cooking and he is very creative. I mean we are talking about Masterchef material here so who am I to tell him to stop?

However, I’m a mum now and I got this urge to contribute more to the kitchen. I have been binge watching Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay on Youtube to start  learning the basics.

The fact that I’m greek tells me that I should pay more attention to Greek/Mediterranean cuisine. And I do. I can cook nice greek dishes and Jamie Oliver often makes Mediterranean dishes so that’s cool.

I just need to polish a bit the recipes that I already know from my mum and aunts and also I really like the modern cuisine and how the whole Masterchef franchise has introduced, to me at least, a modern way to cook.

I can make a killer tzatziki, but that’s not enough.

Back to our subject. My boy and his solids. So I went to the store and I bought fresh carrots and potatoes. I boiled them and I used a blender to mix them. I made some carrot puree and some carrot and potatoes combo puree.

The carrot turned out fine. However, the carrot and potatoes turned out to become something that resembled more of a rubber than of baby food. Or maybe a sponge. And it got even worse when I put it in the freezer – you know in an ice cube tray to store it – and then took it out. That was a real sponge.


Obviously I should have left some water inside the pot while I was blending them and not remove the water completely.  Right? But oh well. Better luck next time.

Some cook that I am that I can’t even make proper baby food. Sorry my little one. Mummy will try again.