When do you start finding yourself after giving birth

When do you start finding yourself after giving birth

No matter what people were telling me I was so optimistic before giving birth, convinced that I would be ok. I was planning on working as usual, I figured I would spend lots of hours inside the house obviously but life would go on as usual.


How unbelievably naive I was.

Baby blues suck major balls.

I couldn’t manage to work at all and I was a mental and physical mess.

All new mums probably know exactly what I mean.

BUT here comes the cliché.

It does get better and ignore anyone else that tries to say otherwise (unless there are some special conditions in your case which I say hang in there ❤ ).

In my case the fog started to clear around 3 months post partum.

Now at soon 7 months things are way better.

My son sleeps better, he wakes up only once during night to eat so that gives me a bunch of hours to rest. That has made a huge difference in my mental state.

Which has even gotten me into wanting to get back to my goth style. Yes that's right. I'm a goth and I think it's time to get back to my old self.

Now, since I'm 37 (wtf?) I don't dress in fishnet or black tutu skirts…anymore (even though I still have two of those in my closet waiting for the next time I'll be in a festival) but I do try and keep my style. I have two amazing dresses that FINALLY fit after pregnancy. They are definitely goth style but not too "loud" if you know what I mean.

Dress selfie

One thing I miss though is my friends in Greece. I love my life here in Sweden and this country has become my home ❤ and I have made some amazing friends here but wouldn't it be awesome if I could find another goth mummy to hang out with? Oh yes it would.

Don't get me wrong, the mums I hang out with are amazing and I'm having a great time with them but it would be a great bonus to meet someone that's into goth, rock or whatever alternative stuff. Even though when it comes to momhood we all are pretty much the same as we all want the best for our kids.

But if you are like me don't be shy and let's get connected!