Mums do not have the luxury of getting sick

Mums do not have the luxury of getting sick


SHIT. What a week.

Monday started ok. Monday evening I started sneezing like a mofo. I was thinking to myself wtf, is it allergy season already (yeah, right this is Sweden and it’s snowing outside so no).

Tuesday I got signs of a light cold. NICE. Not.

Wednesday I was sick with a cold. Ok not anything serious and not fever luckily but enough to piss me off.

Thursday I wake up and I can’t move. Shit shit. My neck and my right shoulder hurt so much that I can’t even breath. How am I going to lift my baby and take care of him? “Nice sleeping position you idiot” I think to myself. I go and take a hot shower hoping it will soften up my stiff muscles. It helped a bit but not enough. I was almost crying. I said hubby to come home cause I’m dying. He did.  Ok great so now at least my son will be taken care of while I die slowly from pain.

Friday it was vaccines day. Poor boy got a fever. We knew it was a possibility so we were prepared. My neck was  stiff and I was in pain but LUCKILY weeks ago I had booked a massage appointment. What a fucking nice coincidence and a nice break I got.


I didn’t die and no one really suffered but me. My son is fine and is always been taken care of but I realised that no, not anymore, I do not have the luxury to getting sick or getting immobilized for whatever reason. And it’s not like before the baby that even if I was sick I could crawl in under the blankets and wait until it passes. No. I hate being incapable of moving or taking care my son. It just sucks.

My friends said “Welcome to motherhood” (or parenthood for that matter)
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