Today is one f*ed up day

Today is one f*ed up day

As I was hoping that my horrible neck ache that started last Thursday was fading away, it decided to greet me again this morning.

Great! Yet another day of half my upper body immobilised.

And my son, for some reason that I haven’t discovered yet (boredom maybe), is very fussy and he is crying which is not like him at all. Well, unless it’s food time but that’s expected.


Hubby is amazing with him and he jumps right into his parental duties when he is home … but right now he is not.

It’s the first time in 5 months that I’m feeling like I’m reaching my limits. And it’s not because of my adorable little boy. It’s my damn neck and shoulder. Cause if I was fine I would have taken him outside and he would be a calmer, happier and content.

Umph… Tomorrow maybe.

And this new mum is sick…again

And this new mum is sick…again

It’s the second time (third even?) I get sick within a two months period. Wtf?
I mean I never used to get sick like that so often.
Oh wait… I didn’t have a kid back then. Right.

I don’t leave him to a day care because he is too young but we go to this open kindergarten thing where mums go together with their babies to socialise and do baby activities. It’s fun but I guess it comes with a price.

Sickness. Oh the joy.

It’s just a common cold but it’s still annoying 😦

Oh well. Off I go to make me my third cup of tea.