Why “Sleep when baby sleeps” is the worst advice ever

Why “Sleep when baby sleeps” is the worst advice ever

Sleep is a precious thing and once we become parents it becomes a thing of the past. mother-1499674-1280x1280

The first weeks with a new born are  – to put it mildly – hectic. You get your survival mode on and you just exist.

Yes you should try and sleep as much as possible and if you manage to sleep when baby sleeps then congrats! I honestly believe you are part of the minority here.

I know that everyone who says that means well. But let’s be realistic here so please don’t mention the word sleep or do not try to offer sleep advice to a sleep deprived parent unless you want to be slapped right in the face. I love you all but please stop 🙂

Here’s why it’s an unrealistic advice:

  1. When baby sleep it’s the best time for you to go the toilet and be kind to your kidneys for the a change.
  2. When baby sleeps it’s the best time to eat something. I had no idea that I would be holding my baby almost 24/7. I was so naive to think that a baby will stay calm and relaxed once you put it in its bassinet. Oh stupid ignorant me.
  3. When baby sleeps it’s the best time to do some dishes. I know I know, cleaning the house it’s not a priority during this time but come on. I need at least one plate and one glass to survive.
  4. When baby sleeps it’s the best time to browse the internet. You know do something just for you. Or just watch TV, or read a magazine or newspaper. Or just stare the the ceiling because you fucking  want to.

But then again that magic moment comes where you DO fall asleep when baby is sleeping and you manage to get some rest. Oh sweet sleep I missed you so much. But in my experience sleep when baby sleeps is the exception of the rule.  It’s the only time I get to go to the toilet for n.2 (TMI I know sorry).

So please give us a break. Yes we are not stupid. We know we should take advantage of any break we have but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Oh sweet Nespresso machine, how much I love you.